Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Show

What beautiful weather we have had!
I have mentioned probably a dozen times about how thankful I am that we have a fellow adopting family that gives AA hand me down clothes from their daughter. We receive slacks, shorts, tops, shoes, pajama, all sorts of wonderful clothes, all one or two sizes larger than what AA currently wears. Since I do not need to take AA shopping very much, I do occasionally look at dresses and took a peak at a recent trip to Target.
Oh my..... I had to have a few new ones for this spring and summer. She has outgrown all the 2T's so had fun buying the dresses (bought 4T's so they are a little large) and then having the "fashion" show for her Daddy.

AA selected this dress:
I had to have this one - more pink! (yes, we have cut off the tags....)

Can you tell AA has had enough of the photo session?

Proof of the warm weather - Daddy had a few minutes to relax in the sun!

We are loving the warm weather! The last two weeks in February have been DIVINE!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

here's to beautiful dresses and weather!


Cora said...

That white one was hard to pass up last time I was there. AA looks great in her new dresses! I hope they get a lot of good use this summer.

China Dreams said...

Ha! We got 18" of snow between Friday and Saturday-two different storms-and now we're having freezing rain. I'm looking at AA's bare feet with jealousy right now.


Catherine said...

What beautiful dresses your little sweetie is wearing and she looks so cute...and warm! Ah, c'mon spring!

Cannot wait until Target comes to Canada! Soon....yay!!!

aust2china said...

Oh my goodness!!! AA is divine! So jealous of your relaxing home!

Kim said...

LOVE all the dresses... and AA is toooo CUTE...
Have a great week..
Hugz.. said...

AA is beautiful! I love sweet dresses on little girls.

JinXiu said...

what a perfect princess she is georgous

Dita said...

You MUST Bring that white dress with you when you come matter the season......I have to get AA's photo in that dress!!

Man, that kid is a KNOCKOUT (love all the dresses but that!)