Friday, February 18, 2011

Chinese New Year - Maine February 5th

I am behind with my posting of our fun times in Maine. We attended the Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday, February 5th. It was a cold, but sunny day and a bit crowded for us. The gymnasium was used for the crafts and vendors but no place to sit down or place all the coats and winter clothes one must wear. In the general space near the entrance were lots of picnic style tables that were crowded with people jockeying for space to sit along with the two food vendors. The auditorium had the children performances, all done very well, and packed full of proud parents.
This event was much better than ours in Florida in one way, Chinese families organizing with adoption families. Our celebration in Florida is for FCC members and guests. It is missing the local Chinese community and thus the "real" Chinese culture. We really enjoyed seeing and hearing Chinese spoken freely at the Maine event.
Before leaving the house - this is the largest and thus last dress we purchased while in China that AA will be wearing. We did buy one in Chinatown in Boston last October for the Florida event.

Enjoying watching the Chinese performers and Chinese children in the Auditorium with Nana:

Friend Deb G. on stage with Claire:
Many crafts: face painting, your name in Chinese symbols/calligraphy, rabbit crafts, etc.
My sister Melissa with Amy Dudar (and Vivian with head turned, another one who is shy about pictures like AA!):

Kaiden practicing the Chinese yo-yo (I need to find the correct name for this toy):
Family: Brother-In-Law George, my niece Jamie with her daughter (my grand-niece) Kimberlee:
The "kids": Andrew, Kaiden, Brandon, Britney, AA:

Chinese family writing calligraphy names:
Sister Melissa ("Aunti-M") with AA and Kimberlee:
All the crafts!
Happy New Year!

4 comments: said...

Alyzabeth's qipao is SO beautiful! What a neat event with adopted families and local Chinese.

Aimee and Cary said...

Hello my fellow Mainah.. I also LOVED her qipao- Caiya's favorite color is black- I know, odd, but I have GOT to find her one in this color!
Amy Dudar is my brother's girlfriends' stepsister- I know, a lot of titles, but we met last summer and we got to spend some time together- when we go to Maine this summer we're hoping to see her again.
Chinese Yo-you is called a "diablo". I have a teacher friend whose husband is a performer and he uses this in his act.
Glad you had a great visit "home". We'll be up June 18th for 2 weeks in Boothbay Harbor, Portland, and Bailey's Island (near Harpswell).

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Beautiful Chinese NY crafts. Glad you had a great day.


Vivian M said...

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit! Wishing your family a very lucky year!