Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are so FORTUNATE!

We have a local family who gives us their daughter's clothes when she outgrows them. Their daughter, Bess, is about a size and a half ahead of AA so we get many wonderful clothes to put away for the following year. Bess and AA used to go to the same preschool and really loved playing together. I think when Bess left, this was one time where AA really missed a friend, so we look forward to our visits, even if infrequent. I need to make some play-dates so we can meet at a local playground in 2012!

This recent gift to us included many matched sets of tops and skorts, plus seven dresses! We are so lucky! Thank you!When AA outgrows her clothes they go to our youngest granddaughter or my littlest grand-niece in Maine. Lots of hand-me-downs with plenty of wear left in them.
Hope you have such a family to receive from too!

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Gina Kleinworth said...

What a blessing!!!!! When the kids were little we would get gifts like that. Bags full of clothes- it was such a help & I was so grateful for it!