Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Orange Season - Black and White Wednesday

I didn't seem to get any good quality photos outside, not sure why. These will have to do for our memory of picking oranges for Grand #2, Livi to take home to her mommy and daddy.

This seemed the best photo to try in black and white; still not to my liking. I am definitely off this week! Check out all the wonderful black and white photos at The Long Road to China. And read about how photography is going to help children in China - way to go Lisa!

Also, today, I am thinking of my Dad, who we lost to cancer. He would have celebrated number 80 today.


China Dreams said...

The pictures are cute even if the light wasn't what you wanted. Must be great to be able to pick your own oranges. We have adorable b&w photos of my mother and her brother under orange trees in Florida when they were toddlers-it was the Depression and my grandparents moved around for work-my grandfather cooked for the railroads.

I'm sorry that you lost your father to cancer-not sure if it is your father, Alyson, or Ford-my father passed away in '93 at age 70 to the same, and my mother is dealing with it now at 82. Hard to watch. But you can celebrate his life/birth for him.

Happy Wednesday,

Kayce said...

Cute pictures! We are loving orange season here in California too!

Wanda said...

Actually - I love the first shot. Nice perspective. And I love that you always have your camera at the ready. I have to do that more.

Sorry for the loss of your Dad. It's never easy but I'm sure your memories give you great peace.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The girls look like they are having so much fun together!!

So sorry to hear about your father...... Try to remember all the wonderful birthdays you celebrated with him and hold those memories close to your heart!

Thinking of you~