Friday, January 07, 2011

Footprints Of Our Journey...

I would like to move. And not just down the street. I know where even if not the exact locale. And perhaps we will, in little pieces.

Many self-imposed restraints clutter the canvas of the life we paint for ourselves. Provided your most pressing restraint does not involve sitting down with your accountants and lawyers, I'll take the liberty of lumping you into my category. Sort of an everyday man living out his everyday life with his everyday restraints. A happy life, nurturing my collective basket of do's and don'ts with thoughtful care. And stubborn obedience.

Granted, there is a place for purposeful restraints in our lives, probably a good thing. Excessively, not so much but where to draw the line? Identifying the excessive is difficult, don't kid yourself. In fact, you may want to consider outsourcing part of the dirty deed to selected confidants. Professionals can also be enlisted for this service. For a fee, they will shake your hand, take your money and gladly dispense their take on all matters that make your knees grow weak and your hands reach for the Tums.
If tempted to do this solely in-house, be forewarned, chances favor you will leave the really big ones out, purposefully. Consciously or not, self preservation finds refuge in one extreme of the pendulum or the other. Making the unbiased assessment critical or if the intended pun is too lame, try crucial.

Once identified, the question becomes what to keep and what to throw away. What roadblocks to tear down. Cautionary note, you may find this both liberating and frightening. Think of something you silently yearn for yet fully accept (not expect) to forever reside in the "should have, could have, would have" depository. What is the roadblock? What is it you fear? What excuse is serving as the jailer?
Job. Family. Health... Fear.

While unwise to take light the importance of restraints, equally unwise is to make light of roadblocks removed. Fears conquered. Excuses shaped into motivators.
To be sure, doing what it is we really want to do with our lives takes courage. Then again, lives left to wishing and hoping become the footprints we leave of our journey.

I would like to move. And not just down the street. I know where even if not the exact locale. And perhaps we will, in little pieces....

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comingaroundagain said...

Thanks for a thoughtful reminder to take time for some introspection. I hope to move to, but probably not all at once either. ;-)