Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas 2011 Gift - Games and Puzzle

We are playing more games with AA (thank goodness she doesn't ask to play Candyland anymore!) and have many new ones from Christmas gifts. AA received card games, Uno, a Simon, Qwirkle (looks similar to Dominoes but match colors or shapes end to end), an Rbeez mood lamp, a ZhuZhu pet "Peachy", a kite, Shrinky Dinks, hula-hoop and more fun things to play with.
One gift for the adults was a 1000 piece puzzle of my home town waterfront map.
I remember in the wintertime, long ago, my parents would set up a puzzle to do over several days. I am sure they were very complicated but this new one we have is diabolical! Bright colors, each business noted is shown twice, all the border is the same with no variation.... Can you find any happy adults working on it?

AA and I were trying to find pieces to the lobster while cousin Carolyn worked on the border....

Maybe I will have a picture of the completed puzzle before 2012 ends! Thanks T&G!!

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