Friday, December 31, 2010


For me, cooking serves as a sedative. Well, not always but then let's not dabble in absolutes.
As such, I enjoy perusing websites and personal food blogs allowing opportunity to wander upon dining haunts in cities and countries doubtful to visit except through a keyboard. And them lo and behold, I stumble onto a local blog, viCARIous, openly hidden in plain view.

viCARIous is a joy to explore. Too often dining reviews, from hole-in-the-walls to 5 Star jackets required fail to deliver an identifiable portrayal of the food and facility. Comparable to a buyers feedback on eBay. Product as described. Fast delivery. Will buy from again. Nothing to keep you from hitting the Buy Now button but pretty generic all the same.
viCARIous leaves you with an informed sense of what to expect. (Keeping in mind, the blog is not limited to restaurant reviews.)

Locals will find the post on the Deli's of Riverside/Avondale an informative, fun read. And who knows, it just may induce you to place an order for a camel rider :) A four part series featuring the foods of St Augustine is a must read. Not to be left out, there are food adventures chronicled for the world traveler as well.
Enjoy exploring, the blog is sure to provide the impetus for a food fun, First Coast & beyond road trip...

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Carol and Taylor said...

Cool site!

Wishing you and your family and very happy and healthy New Year.

Kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor