Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playing - Christmas Gifts

AA loves her new Easy-Bake oven, a gift from Uncle George and Aunt "T". We made the sugar cookies and "frosted" them with melted chocolate chips (melted in the oven's warming tray area). Pretty cool!

We have frozen homemade cookie dough in the freezer, so DH can slice a few whenever AA wants to bake (pressure off him to whip up small batches of cakes and cookies!!).
We enjoyed her cookies - thank goodness she shared!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

How fun is that? I always wanted an Easy Bake!

No I wasn't in Florida. I was in Nassau over Christmas. Home for New Years!


Football and Fried Rice said...

That's funny - cause we made "cake" yesterday in our neighbor's Easy Bake oven! I always wanted an easy bake too ;-) Might see that in our future!!

Lisa~~ said...

Very fun! I still have fond memories of my Easy Bake oven.

Kim said...

Love it..
I have two of these sitting in teh closet..LOL..
KyLee still loves to get her's out once in awhile..
Thank you again for the tag.. Love it..
Love you guys..

Kristy said...

As per your last comment on my blog I would love to talk to you. I dont know how we would do a chat, you might have to enlighten me on that one I am not the brightest bulb in th box!!! lol But really I would love to talk with you.

Love and blessings, Kristy

ps I always wanted an easy bake oven too and I never got one....:(