Friday, December 17, 2010

Grand #3 Birthday

I am late posting about our youngest grand-baby's first birthday party. Our oldest daughter hosted a wonderful event and I loved the way she decorated the table with pictures from Dylan's birth until the present.
Here's the proud Grand-Poppy (my DH) with son:

The one-year old herself:

The other two grands with AA; eating mostly frosting:

Baby Dylan before the chocolate frosting was all over her:
Everyone gathered around watching a special message to Alivia from Santa at the PNP (Portable North Pole):

Happy 1st Dylan!


China Dreams said...

Granddaughter is beautiful. Are the glasses new?

Debbie & Barry said...

Such gorgeous happy kids! Sophie loves to wear headbands now, too. Oh, and LOVE the glasses! Ever make your way to Alpine Groves Park in Switzerland? ... a few miles south of Mandarin. Would love to meet you all there sometime!