Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Coughing Week

AA had a slight cough right before Thanksgiving and it never got better. So DH took her to the Doctor yesterday, an antibiotic to the rescue!
She's quiet on the couch this morning with some hot herbal tea and marshmallows. I researched coughing on line and found many things but one was that marshmallows would quiet a cough. And whether it helps or not, what kid will refuse marshmallows for breakfast!

Here's one place I found this information:
The reason for the addition of marshmallow is for the mucilage it releases into the herbal tea, this is a gel-like plant substance, which can help quiet down the cough receptors in the throat and the larynx by forming a coating over them.

Here's some couch pictures from this morning:

Have a great weekend!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

marshmallows?! My favourite! I am sick too. I am sending Bill out for some!

Hope the cough gets better.

Have a great weekend yourself!


China Dreams said...

Wow-I never heard this, and my husband and I have been coughing for weeks! I'm going to share this with him right now. Thanks :-)