Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - Florida Re-Adoption Day

Visit all the Black and White photos here.

We appeared in the local county court on November 29, 2010 in order to obtain a Florida birth certificate for AA.
We brought our camera but forgot it when we went inside; after realizing what we did (forgetful old parents that we are), we didn't want to go back through security and be late to our appointment. So the only pictures we have of the day is at P.F. Chang as a celebration lunch.

If you live in NE Florida and would like to use a lawyer, contact Paul Consbruck; he's a pro at this and a China Adoption Dad himself.
1-866-558-PAUL (7285), daytime

904-626-1084, evening

This is from his web page:

Recognition of Foreign Adoption allows you to obtain a Florida birth certificate so you do not have to rely on the foreign birth certificate, and assume the risk of losing it.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...



Kayce said...

Beautiful black and whites! Congratulations on the re-adoption!!

Wanda said...

Oh, but the ones you did get are priceless. What a moment.


Hannah said...

Congratulations!! What a happy day :) Love the pictures you were able to get. Your daughter is beautiful.

Brian and Ruth said...

LOVE PF Changs! Perfect place for a celebratory dinner.

Beautiful pic of the 'girls'. We too didn't bring our camera to the courthouse the day we did Abigail's (not sure if they would've let us use it inside anyways). The only pics I have are the 2 I took from my cell phone in the lobby of the federal building.

Congrats on this final step!!!

Ruth & Brian

Anonymous said...
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Gail said...


Beautiful pics and love the black and white. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate when that happens!? Glad you were able to get at least one great pic, and at PF Chang's no less! One of my favorite spots to eat! Their pork fried rice is just out of this world!!

Vivian M said...

Congratulations! Hubby says get a cell phone that has a camera built in, ;o)

We also used Paul for our Recognition of Foreign Birth, and additionally for Power of Attorneys so we could travel. He is awesome. I second your recommendation!

Christie said...

Thank you for sharing this - it's so wonderful to me to see families taking those last steps to completion...

Although we both know, it was complete the moment you saw her face (*wink)

redmaryjanes said...

Beautiful mother and daughter :)
Congratulations on your special day!

Perrin said...

Hi Alyson,

Love those black and white photos. So pretty. You asked about the dresses. I don't have any on etsy now. I've just been taking custom orders for apron dresses and the cap sleeved one you saw in the photo, often people have chosen the ruffle pants to match as well. I'm tossing around designing some more children's clothes early next year and then popping them up on etsy to see if they sell. The dresses and fancy pants are really so fun make in the wild fun colors.
Take care,

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Gorgeous mother/daughter pics!!! Congrats! :) Love PF Changs...yum!