Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Greatness!

We had a great visit and Thanksgiving dinner with family at the Cruce home. Such a wonderful home for children to run around inside and outside; and there was a full house of rambunctious girls: Kilee, Alivia, Alyzabeth, Stella and Dylan. The food was delicious and plentiful, just how Thanksgiving should be! Love to all the family who helped provide the meal and desserts (yummy cakes and a pumpkin cheesecake!).

First, the news; AA has prescription/corrective glasses. Since she wore her sunglasses everywhere she was only too happy to have a new pair and in pink! She selected them so loves them. Her sunglasses now have corrective lens in them too.

The tire swing was a hit and lots of fun (I am sorry that I didn't get on it!):

Some of the ladies made wild grape vine wreaths; found out it is an annual tradition:

We brought a bouncy house in case the girls needed a place to get rid of that extra energy; they were crawling all over each other:

Miss Cara provided many craft activities for the girls: their favorite was making Indian Princess feather hats:

Dylan (our grand #3) enjoying a slow ride with her Daddy:
Lots more photos in our public Picasa web albums.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


China Dreams said...

Looks like a great time :-)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

looks perfect!


Cora said...

Looks like a lot of fun! AA is adorable in those glasses!!

Marsha Cruce said...

Enjoyed it so! Thanks for coming and for cooking our turkey. It was perfect on Thursday and again today:) Loved our time together. The bouncy house was a big hit. Great idea. Dylan thought so too.