Friday, November 19, 2010

A New Dutch Oven = Artisan Bread

One of my favorite Birthday gifts was a 6 quart Dutch Oven from my lovely DW. I don't know how manly a Dutch Oven sounds but it sure put a smile on this face. Thank you Aly!

I have been wanting to make Artisan Bread using the No Knead method for a while now and with the new Birthday gift I had my chance. We love homemade bread around here and my first attempt with this recipe, while fraught with chef error, delivered the soft spongy center complete with crunchy crust I was after.

I made two loaves. The first browned up too much, calling for a temperature adjustment to our less than stellar and soon to be replaced oven. Loaf number two browned up nicely but I left too much free flower on from handling. Easy enough to correct for the next time. To improve, I'll just have to keep practicing. Darn the bad luck.

Must run. I hear my timer going off! Pardon me if you will. Time to butter some hot fresh bread from the oven! And then more Practice - Practice - Practice :)


Jimh. said...

Sounds like a good thing to practice with! Each time you get fresh buttered bread!

Brian and Ruth said...

WHERE CAN I GET ONE??? Oh my goodness, do we love homemade bread and especially (from my italian roots) Artisan bread.

Must have recipe and store info to purchase the dutch oven for sure!!!


Carol and Taylor said...

Oh man, do I wish they had "smellervision". Bet your house smells delish!

Lisa~~ said...

Bread looks wonderful and personally a man holding a green dutch oven filled with fresh bread (that I didn't have to make)...VERY manly and sexy too!

T n' W said...

I think I said this around the holidays last year, but just in case I didn' I'd love to be at your house for Thanksgiving!! Smoked Turkeys, homemade bread....I don't even want to know what the desserts are like!!....Who am I kidding. What cha fixing???

Anonymous said...

I want a Dutch Oven too now!

Aimee and Cary said...

OK- I want the recipe! Oh- and I also wanted to tell you we are coming to FL in March; we're going to be in
Saint Augustine.. not sure how far that is from you but I'd love to meet up if we can swing it.. 2 fellow Mainers with girls born in China.. it'd be fun to get together and share a Whoopie Pie and/or dumplings!

Debz said...

Mmmmm...I can almost smell it! Yummy!