Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exercise - Our Neighborhood Walk

We take walks (or bike rides) around our neighborhood and lately have turned down the same side street as a new home is being built in our neighborhood. It will be a beautiful, LARGE, two-story home, right on the river. The extended family is part of the Chinese adoption community and are so friendly to us. I know they will enjoy the new home soon.

Love our camera, to capture AA's "speed" with such clarity.

New home, looking at river from upstairs, where a balcony will be:
The riverside summer kitchen/porch area:

From the street:


Jean said...

What a darling girl! We have friends who adopted a little girl from China several years ago. It's hard to imagine what these children's lives would have been without such lovely people adopting them. It's a good thing!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Ford! Hope to see you all soon! We'll have to have a Chinese New Year "street party" together when the house is done. Happy Thanksgiving to all your beautiful family!

Elyssium Earth said...

That is the coolest bike!