Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Fun - A Prairie Home Companion

We had a wonderful evening out for Hubby's birthday while cousin CR stayed and babysat for us. We went to see and listen to the A Prairie Home Companion Show and were gone a total of nine hours which I think is a record for both of us being away from AA together.
These photos were taken with an iPhone since only point/shoot cameras were allowed inside the venue.
First, Garrison Keillor walked through the crown very slowly singing an opening song, it really got the crowd into the show and never let our attention wane after that!

J.J. Grey was the guest local musician and sang several songs, including Lochloosa; his band is called Mofro but he appeared as a soloist. Check out his music on the A Prairie Home Companion web site under "St. Augustine" or at his own web site.
(this is a late post to document more of Hubby's birthday activities!)

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