Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beginning to Like Accessories.....

AA has received a few jewelry pieces, some for play and some "good" pieces. She asked to wear a necklace that her Auntie-M gave her. The girl is beginning to like some bling in her outfits!
Of course, she is pretty goofy at times when we want to take her picture!

The necklace has two silver bars on it with the words: Remember.....To Dream. Very good words for our little girl.


China Dreams said...

When we first locked in our new daughter's file, I kept thinking, what does six look like? Aidan is six, but what does a six year old girl do/think/want? I've already raised two, but it's been a while. Then I was standing in a department store and it came to me! Anything shiny and pink and "adult-like". So I loaded the cart with sparkly hair pins and "jewelry" and Barbie dolls!

Jboo said...

She's such a cutie-pie!! Girls have to have some bling! Have a great Wednesday!


Nina said...

Looking good!! AA continues to be very stylish - and I love the pose, too :)

Tres chic!

Thanks for the reminder to post on my blog. With a toddler, a teenager, a full practice and my fourth year of doctoral candidacy, the blog definitely falls through the cracks!
I need a 30 hour day, please!!

Stacey and Dewey said...

Darling pics, especially the last one. And what a beautiful saying for a necklace, a good reminder for all of us.