Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baking a Cake for Daddy

My hubby doesn't want a big deal made for his birthday but a cake and candles is still a must! AA and I had fun making his requested cake flavor (this year an old fashioned spice with raisins, two layer cake with cream cheese frosting).
AA insists it is icing not frosting - who's to say she is wrong!
Her mixer is always on duty to beat the eggs:

She is a good stirrer:

More smiles thinking about eating the cake (or at least licking the bowl and beaters when we are done):
The baked two layers:

I didn't get pictures of us making the icing, it was a dust cloud for a while in the kitchen. Letting AA pour the confectioners sugar in the mixing bowl and stirring, we had powdered sugar dust all over the place!
AA helped with some sugar sprinkles (yes, I did guide her hand so that it went on the cake!).
Last but not least, the frosted cake going into the refrigerator for later:

Placed the candles on the cake when we began our birthday celebration:

I even washed the good dessert plates; have to use something pretty for birthday cake! I purchased a set of six, on a whim about 20 years ago when we (Hubby and I) were at a Maine auction with my parents; everyone said I "got a good deal". I liked the fruit design in the centers and the delicate colors on each plate, each one is different. They are Johnson Brothers, Made in England.

The final joy with candles and singing Happy Birthday! The three of us and Carolyn all enjoyed the yummy cake. Happy Birthday wonderful husband!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

How yummy that caking with "icing" sounds! Daddy is one lucky guy!

Love, love, LOVE those plates. A friend of mine has a set of something similar and I have often borrowed them.


China Dreams said...

I would call this frosting, too-I refer to boiled frosting as icing. (Don't tell AA) Looks like she did a great job!

Ivan said...

Thats great!))
Best handmade cake ive ever seen)

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday!