Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Day - Farewell to Boston!

We bid farewell to a lovely city full of history, culture and fun!

Swans have been our special symbol since we began the adoption journey. From the first sighting to the lovely encounter and purchase of the swan necklace to staying at the White Swan while in GZ, we love spotting a swan! Here's two in the Boston Garden.

An excellent meal on our last evening at Stephanie's. Delicious lobster pie, clam chowder, white clam pizza and salad with goat cheese. The bread was fresh, warm with three varieties. Really enjoyed it and the ambiance was comfy!


Kelly And Allison said...

Beautiful pics. Boston is one of my favorite town. Especially love the downtown historical downtown walk.

Lisa~~ said...

Loved seeing all the piccies of my old stomping grounds, how I miss living in Boston...except for in the winter that is. I can't wait to take Maisie up there and do the tourist thing with her, walking the Freedom Trail, visiting the museums and of course all the great neighborhood restaurants that I miss so much. Thanks for sharing your trip.

China Dreams said...

Glad you had such a great time, and that the weather was cooperative.