Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Three - Boston's Chinatown

We headed for Boston's Chinatown for our first day in Boston. From the weather report, it looked like it would be the warmest and nicest day for outside activities. As it turned out all three and a half days were all sunny and mild (low 60's). Perfect for our trip! The rain swept in the day after we left.
Leaving the subway ("T"), we were on the edge of the Theater district.

Chinatown sights.

We ate lunch at the Emperor's Garden, it was all "Chinese", as in we were the only non-Chinese patrons and the only ones who spoke English! All very nice people. It is a huge restaurant as the building and room were an old Theater.
As they came around with food, we asked if it was good, and if they said it would be good for "us" (they understood very quickly that we were rookies!), they added to our table. We did take too much food but enjoyed everything from stuffed mushrooms, shrimp and noodles, spring rolls, beef stuffed rolls and other stuffed noodles we were not sure of. Overall a great time. We did ask AA about all the people who looked like her and she didn't seem to notice or didn't know what to say. When she is older, there will be more for her to see culturally and probably lots more questions.

Added this photo, the only one taken inside the restaurant with Ford's phone. Yes, we used the chopsticks!

The bakery:
The bakery was small but wonderful with the selection of treats. I selected one of everything EXCEPT anything that had bean paste in it (sorry!).

Back at our room, AA was very excited about sampling the treats! The almond cookies and coconut pie were delicious and our favorites! The sponge cake, custard pie and jelly roll were very good too. A very special treat!

Can't wait for AA to learn more words in Chinese. By the time she is an adult, I hope we have visited every Chinatown in the USA.


China Dreams said...

When she's old enough, you should take her back for a show at the Wang Theater. Saw Phantom of the Opera with my oldest daughter there. They are a famous Chinatown landmark and the shows are fabulous.

Vivian M said...

I loved seeing Boston's Chinatown through your eyes. The treats looked yummy!