Friday, October 15, 2010

Day One and Two - Planes and Trains

We had a wonderful visit with family; my Mom hosted a brunch for us. It was great seeing everyone!
Sister, Melissa and cousin Andrew with girlfriend, Brittany meeting us at the Amtrak Station as we arrived.
Brunch time! Auntie jean brought AA a gift...... she loved the ponies and they were fun having along during the rest of our trip. Aunt Patti and Nana Barbara brought new books for AA. Nana and Auntie-M gave us lots of snacks for our return trip to Boston.

Group photo, not too bad..... except new cousin-in-law, Heather, was taking the picture.

Heather and hubby, Christopher with Barbara:
Off to Boston for a few days! AA had lots of Train rides, brought Thomas along so he could ride a train too!

On the train, acting goofy! Love leaving the driving to someone else!

Next stop is Boston's Chinatown!

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