Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Four - Boston's Children's Museum

We took the T to the Children's Museum and had a wonderful time exploring all the things to do within it. Lots of walking to reach the Museum.......

Approaching the Museum and seeing the large MILK BOTTLE!

First activity was all about soap and making bubbles....

Lots of different stations to get wet!

Golf balls in action on many spiral, sloping contraptions.....

Climbing and exploring.....

Generating electricity by biking:

Working at a table with a balance and making a "balanced" meal:

Playing with light to make shadows:

This area allowed the child to be in the actual movie with Arthur. Here AA is exercising (she is in the lower right screen of the TV monitor):

Running with Arthur:

On the stage where the child stands and can see them self in the monitor in the cartoon:
So much to do at the Museum, we went in about two-thirds of the museum and did maybe half the activities available in each room/area. Very nice place to have lots of fun!


Vivian M said...

What fun! Kerri likes museums too. Love the milk bottle!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Ice cream and root beer! What a perfect day!