Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Right now, just coming out of a typical Florida summer, I would say Alyzabeth is a rich, creamy, beautiful brown.

A while back I commented on slowly stepping away from the image of a white Dad raising an Asian daughter. The paradigm shift felt good, if not a bit naive in my thinking others would soon follow.
A blog friend of mine, also a fellow IA parent, made a recent thought observation that better sets the stage for what my reality is and what my reality will always be.

"Friends of ours announced they were, finally, going to go back for a second adoption in Ethiopia. I started thinking....two white folks adopting a black child.
And then, many (mostly) white folks adopting "yellow" babies from China and Taiwan."

I found nothing in my friend's comment to be offensive or untrue. Rather, it served as a poignant reminder of my being a white Dad with an Asian daughter. What's to argue, I am a white guy whose youngest daughter was adopted from China.

So, it's back to the real world that I never really left to begin with. And if I'm to believe what my daughter tells me, then that world is a fine place. A place where she loves me and I love her, no matter the color.....