Monday, October 04, 2010

Birthday Fun!

The birthday party had all the family fun stuff: plenty of relatives to greet and hug, the little ones running around, the bigger "kids" chatting and all smiles, plenty of good food and drinks, presents and birthday cards waiting to be opened, lovely weather with a touch of coolness and no humidity, potted mums and a pumpkin at the front door, sports on the big TV......

AND the Halloween room! The kids had a blast with all the Halloween props that Grandma Cathy had readied for the bravest of grand-children (and a nephew... the only boy!). The kids had fun with witch hats and brooms, skull flashlights and a shaking witch! Very cool and kept the girls entertained along with Ian and Christa's help.

Birthday cake..... very elegant! I made a chocolate chip cheesecake with chocolate sauce and a new recipe: strawberry cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce. All desserts were yummy!
Cathy and Werner even noted the event with the fact that all three kids ages add up to 100! Now that didn't help us feel any younger either!

The three birthday big "kids", opening cards and gifts..........

So many photo opportunities with little Dylan.... she's so adorable, had to take tons of her!

The scary kids........

To burn off some of the sugar energy, we headed to the playground a few houses up the street..... Kilee and Ian showing off climbing the tree......

We had a wonderful time and can't wait until the next family party!


Wanda said... guys just have merry making down to a science. And yum....that chocolate cake looks divine.

Love all your pics today!

nancy said...

HI! Oh, what a great and fun time everyone seemed to have. The children are all so adorable, and seemed to love the playground time too, what a cool idea for that extra energy that kids seem to always have! Blessings, Nancy, mom to 2 precious daughters from China.

China Dreams said...

Looks like a great time. I especially love the hat!

Dita said...

I feel like I was there with these shots! I really do wish I folks know how to PARTAY!

That cheesecake was OUTSTANDING...elegant is right!

AA just loves hangin' with the gang, doesn't she!

Dylan? Where has the BABY gone? Boy, is one gorgeous child (just like the rest of your clan!)

Miss my daily visits over here...its just the old workin' mommy time issue...but it feels like home when I do get to pop over!

Hugs to all!

Dita Darling