Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adoption and those curious "Questions"

This is a familiar question. This really touched me as we sometimes do and say things that may not be best said in front of our daughter.

  • She/he’s so lucky.

    If there are adoptive parents who haven’t heard this one, I don’t know them. Yes, my adopted child is lucky, just like her brother who was born to mejust like any kid blessed with a good family. Moreover, my husband and I are lucky to have her as a daughter. My daughter is not lucky, however, by virtue of having been adopted or because she’s been adopted by an American family. Her life story will always be one that begins with wrenching loss of family, country, language, culture and all things related to the place and people from whence she came. She will have to figure out how to incorporate all of this into her identity at some point, no matter how much we love her.

To read this and more questions that are answered by Tracy Hahn-Burkett here.

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