Friday, October 01, 2010

Conversations With Alyzabeth...

爸爸... 我需要5美元。

Alyzabeth you know I don't speak Chinese.


I'm serious. What do you need?


Did your mother put you up to this?


I knew that Chinese language class was a bad idea.


Why is Alyzabeth getting into my wallet? What just happened? ALYSON!!

The continuing imaginary conversations of a father with his daughter (a daughter just beginning to learn her native language...)



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

very cute! LOL!


Stephe said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Heather J. said...

Ok so, this is MUCH funnier once I plugged it in to :) I can totally see this happening to you at some point! LOL

Anonymous said...

If I could come back just once a week, it would be to see her sitting in her Chinese Language Class. It was priceless. She came out with that ear-to-ear grin and said, "Daddy, I speak Chinese". Love that child!

Aimee and Cary said...

Oh how fun! We have a Chinese tutor we began with recently; although all Caiya wants to do is play.. we're going slow.. it's more for mommy right now!

T n' W said...

that's too funny!!! I sure miss you guys!!