Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Having More Fun!

We have been spending more time at the pool and going to the beach. Nana is from Maine so she is "enjoying" the 90 degree heat here!!

September 12, 2010....... (our forever family day anniversary is coming soon.... 09/16/08!).


Kelly And Allison said...

Tell Nana to stay there until the leaves changed. It is getting rainy and chilly now. Beautiful pictures.

T n' W said...

just proves, the best things in life are free....Nana and AA at God's Ocean:)
Our water days are done, the pools too cold and we've totally negleted things around the house this summer. Time to get to work!

Don and Be said...

Not been doing too much blogging these days, but I have looked over your postings from the last few weeks and just feel the love and happiness in AA's countenance. Hi to mom. I'd like to be able to bring JMei up that way during her visit if that can work out.