Friday, September 03, 2010

Daily Dose of AA - Back at the Park

We visited the park as it was a cloudy day and some wind so didn't seem as hot as usual.

There was a family also playing and the youngest boy seemed interested in talking and playing with AA. Usually, AA would run away but today, she decided he was better than playing by herself (or with me!). A little pretending that they were cooking and serving food was cute.

Hamming it up a little when Mommy would beg for a smile......

The park has some very nice features and the little bridge over the spring-fed stream is unusual.
One last smile while sitting at the pavilion.

Park pictures to remember our play times together!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

good memories and a very sweet smile!


Jimh. said...

She is such a sweet little girl! Looks like they had fun!

Kim said...

AA is sooo BEAUTIFUL..
Looks like a great day.
Have a great weekend.

Wanda said...

Just more and more adorableness!!

Have a great week-end!