Thursday, August 05, 2010

Re "Cap" of the Dentist Visit

AA went to the Dentist as a routine check up and we finally heard the words that we knew would come at some time. One of the four teeth that were very soft when we first brought her home from China, had become a bigger issue.

The good news was that three had hardened to the Dentist's satisfaction. The other one? Time to do something to save the baby tooth until it was time for her permanent teeth to appear (about another two years). If we were only dealing with a cosmetic issue we would continue to brush and floss. Losing a baby tooth is part of growing but the concern expressed by our dentist was we would soon be dealing with a painful nerve issue before the tooth fairy came.
That was all we needed to hear. An appointment was made for the next day to cap the tooth.

Before (her front tooth and the one beside it, both on your left):


And she was a great patient with Daddy holding her hand (while Mommy was at work).
A brighter and healthier smile!


Catherine said...

Such a beautiful smile on your precious little girl.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what a good brave girl!


China Dreams said...

We are off to the dentist today for some more drilling and filling. These appointments weren't possible a year ago, but now he is confident enough to sit in the chair by himself. Glad AA was a trooper!

Brian and Ruth said...

What a beautiful smile!!!

Mel//Miss//Missy/Cobbie/MCHammer/MC said...

I Love You!
XXOO big time from Maine!
Love, Your Personal Aunit M!!!

KHM said...

you have every right to be proud.

Little ms. JJ needed full sedation for her actual dental work. AA is a STAR!

Vivian M said...

She looked beautiful before the dental work, and now she is stunning. :o)
Bravo AA on your bravery at the dentist!

Dita said...

Now THAT is amazing. It looks absolutely perfect!

My wonderboy had one when he was her age too...but it was a big ol' shiny silver one to protect his fragile baby tooth. They've come a long way in a few short years!

You're a strong man, Ford...I remember going to have my baby's tooth done...I was shaking in my boots!

AA is as gorgeous as ever!