Thursday, August 26, 2010

Annual Roof Cleaning

Our roof is never clean...... it has a low slope so a lot of tree limbs and leaves stay on it (a hurricane doesn't help, just adds more debris!). We need to sweep and blow off the oak tree leaves and Spanish moss each year. Guess what didn't get done in 2009? We blame the "having fun with AA" syndrome!

The ladder and gutters full of leaves...

View from the roof looking out to the river:

The back yard picnic table with some of the leaves we swept off the roof.....

We have several tree limbs that over hang the roof and a few bushes that are towering over the roof too. DH did some trimming and swept off about 75% of the debris; I did a little sweeping and cleaned out about 75% of the gutters that were packed with leaves.

A very tall crepe myrtle beside the house:

My access point onto the low point of the roof (top of ladder)........ The stains from the oak leaves will gradually fade and our metal roof will shine once more and then the cycle repeats :)

Great view looking into the neighbors yard - so much nicer than ours and brand new homes!

Now to finish the job (maybe next weekend!). While I was working on the roof, I did enjoy a summer shower that cooled it down for me, defiantly heaven sent! (good thing DH did not come out and take a picture - looked half drowned!).


Wanda said...

Having lived up north my whole life - I'm fascinated by that Spanish moss. Looks so magical and mysterious. (But I'm sure slightly annoying to you.)

Cora said...

It is those kind of chores that always remind me that I am really am grown up. Every time it rains we talk about getting gutters but then I remember they have to be cleaned and I am fine getting a little wet :0)

Kim said...

The fun stuff.. NOT..
Love the photos..
sooo pretty..
have a great weekend..