Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pink Piggy Bank

A while back (when we were first home with AA), when we all first began Skyping with family, her Uncle George would "dance" a pink piggy bank across the web camera and make piggy noises to delight AA. It seems he has a "pig" collection.
Soon in the mail came a pink piggy bank for AA to use. We have been putting any money she gets as gifts and some loose change in it. We also had a large jar with coins in it and some bills too.
Recently, we deposited all the money in an on line bank account (ING) for AA's future use.

The official Pink Piggy bank from Uncle George.....

So I found this idea of making note cards and one of the "designs" was a pink pig.
Perfect for us!

Making "Pink Pig" note cards; AA's finger print is the pig's body:

Here's the idea sheet (there are other "critters" you can make with finger prints):

The true meaning of hand stamping:

She became very good at this repetitious task!

Our practice sheet. How hard can it be to draw a squiggly pig tail?

Proof of the "pink" in the pig!

The resulting note cards, to be sent out as gifts to some family and friends:

Success! (we used a water based inking pad, but it did take three days for the pink to go away on her finger).

We had fun!


Stephe said...

This is a wonderful idea. Boy, does it bring back memories. As a kid, I used to sell thumbprint stationary! LOVE the pics too. Thanks for the future craft idea!!!

Cora said...

What a cute idea, looks like fun too.

I love piggy banks, in fact I need to go feed mine and take a picture right now.

Kim said...

Tooo CUTE..
I love that bank..
Wonder where he got it.
Have a great week..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for my stationery, it is adorable. Now I don't want to use it! Love Nana

Catherine said...

What a cute, cute idea! May need to borrow that one someday. Fun!

Heh, we found the same thing with the 'water based' ink pad. I used a bright pink one when making Hannah's first Birthday thank you cards. Poor sweetie was sporting a pink hand for 2 days afterwards! :o)