Monday, June 28, 2010

Underwater Fun - Our Fish!

Our little fish!

A while back, my Mom (Nana Ann) purchased dive rings for AA to help with AA experiencing what it was like to go underwater. Though she swims completely underwater all the time, she wasn't too keen on just sticking her head underwater. That has now changed. She will now stand on the pool stairs and go underwater to get a ring. Yeah Alyzabeth!

I'm still thinking Daddy may need to start working on teaching baby girl how to swim on TOP of the water as well. Just a thought :)

Success retrieving the ring!

From what DH told me a few days ago, AA had progressed to becoming a Manatee. At least, that is what Alyzabeth calls herself when describing how she bobs up high enough when swimming for her nose to break water. Just like the manatees she sees around the dock :) Oh well, at least I know she's breathing.
So I got to see it first hand.... she bobs up out of the water but doesn't breathe, looks around and continues swimming. Maybe it is time for professional lessons!
AA's "manatee" impersonation:

She is also trying to touch the "bottom" of the pool now. She enjoys lifting herself up by the edge of the pool and then "sinking" underwater. Sounds fun, just as long as she remembers to come UP!

So much fun with AA this summer! Aren't our little girls growing up?


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow, she is doing so well. She is growing up!


Dita said...

First, I am in awe at how your little MERMAID is progressing in the pool.

Second, I can't stop laughing how she keeps her sunglasses on UNDER water! She cracks me UP!

What a beauty she is!

Wanda said...

Wow....I am impressed. Cute under and over the water. But good idea to conquer both.

Ar those goggles? I bought some for Dahlia who hates to put her head underwater only when she tried them she came up sputtering. They were motorcycle glasses - lots of air vents - not so condusive for water repelling (D'uh!!)

Alyson and Ford said...

W: We probably should try to make the move to goggles but alas, what you see AA wearing is nothing more than her ever present sunglasses. Alyzabeth loves her sunglasses! :) and like Dita, she cracks us up!