Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Adirondack Chairs

We purchased these beautiful, handmade, Adirondack chairs from the Florida United Methodist Children's Home wood working training center.

The chairs are so STURDY and HEAVY! Very well made, no 1x1's used in these!

We requested the names of the youth who made our chairs to be carved or burned onto one of the chairs. Knowing their names and the skills they learned in the wood shop, makes these chairs extra special.

We have made Adirondack chairs in the past, sort of a husband-wife bonding experience :) We lost them a few times in storms, but DH would traipse along the river bank and eventually retrieve them until last year. We would "bungee cord" them together at the end of our dock but a particularly hard storm tore them apart and carried them to parts unknown. You can count on these chairs NOT being left at the end of the dock.
If you go to this old post and scroll down you will see what ours looked like compared to these new ones. Huge difference!! I'm afraid the New Yankee Workshop design we built from couldn't hold a candle to our new sturdy ones.
Our new chairs will last our lifetime, reminding us to always remember and to always include our children at FUMCH in our prayers.

To empower children and families to experience God's love and care as revealed in the ministry of Jesus Christ.


redmaryjanes said...

Your new chairs are beautiful and meaningful! Love them.

China Dreams said...

Very nice chairs, and I love the story behind them.

Jen said...

Sweet! Love them! :)


3 Peanuts said...

They are beautiful and I love the story too.

Dita said...

You two are something else.
I can only imagine the pride with which these children placed their names on these incredible chairs they made.

A reminder of strength, sturdiness and hard work bringing so much joy to others.

Simply beautiful!

Vivian M said...

LOVE the chairs, and what a wonderful idea to have the names etched on them! Enjoy them for many years to come!