Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Stop A Prius In An Emergency

Our good friend Jim figured out a simple way to stop his Prius should the gas pedal stick.
Install a PARACHUTE!!!

You can't believe the number of cars slowing to take a second look followed by more than a few smiles and thumbs up :)


redmaryjanes said...

We have a Camry hybrid that my husband drives. I am so nervous about it now. Maybe we should put in a parachute! :)

Jimh. said...

We have a hybrid Camry, too. We've not experienced a lick of trouble with that!

I live the idea though! When I was in college, I filled a pant leg with sawdust and attaches a shoe, making a decent looking leg. Then I put some red paint toward the top. Finally I closed it in the trunk of my car and wired it so it would not come off...then went for a drive. I got a lot of similar looks and laughs.

Cora said...

Love it, maybe if I did that my Dad would ride in my Camry again, lol.