Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Summertime - Chilled

With the summer almost here, we did swim in the club pool over Memorial Day Weekend, but some clouds hid the sun at times and we felt the chill!

Enjoy all the B&W Wednesday photos over here.
Happy Summer!


Kim said...

Have a great Wednesday..

Jboo said...

Great B&W!! She is so beautiful and growing fast! Have a great Wednesday!


Donna said...

She looks cool and warm all at the same time! ;)

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Cora said...

Great photo! What a beautiful girl!

Wanda said...

Love this shot. Your little beauty cannot take a bad picture.

(So, are those your legs she is somewhat obscuring?)

Kayce said...

Great picture! Happy Summmmmmer!

Dita said...

Love it...oh, how I have missed stopping by! I am getting my landlegs on at work now so hopefully I will be back getting my AA fix on a more regular basis!