Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Visit with the Foerstner's!

I will confess that I have had a few pangs of jealousy when I read about the China travel groups holding annual reunions.
Our group of 20 families? We hear from seven of them (from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington State, West Virginia, Kansas, Colorado and Illinois). The other families? Haven't been in contact. Of course, those we do keep in touch have blogs and/or are active on FB. Easy to say Hi and check the latest pictures of the cutest little girls on earth!
So when we were thinking of going to Maine, we decided to drive with a strong desire to check in with a few of the East coast families (if they would have us!!). We were thrilled to see two of them (a third was our longtime bloggy buddies as posted a few days ago; we shared a close LID, but different agency and travel dates).

Our visit was short (including our rear truck brake smoking from 8 hours of braking in bumper to bumper traffic!) and these pictures do not show the absolutely best steak dinner we have had; Georgia waited on us the entire time! A relaxing time with a glass of a yummy red wine. Thank you!
Daddy Jim with Augustine:

Happy smiles as they tried to hide from the camera:

Lots of energy!!

Wish this one was in focus; the girls had so much fun together!

Thank you for the visit; wonderful time and loved talking to Jim and Georgia!


T n' W said...

I agree!! I love seeing those beautiful smiles. Looks like August and AA were having a blast.

Brian and Ruth said...

Way too much fun for sure!!!

I agree with the 'pangs of jealousy' hearing about groups reuniting each year. I will say that those groups only do so because one of the families is willing to keep in touch and do all the arrangements for them (have inside intel on this one). Nonetheless, at this point we will have to settle for living vicariously through your visit. Until we can come up with another solution...

Brian and Melinda said...

Wish we could have been able to meet with you. Looks like you had a great time with all of the families. Maybe in July...

Ann said...

It was difficult saying goodby to my family as they traveled back home to Florida from Maine. But so happy for the wonderful visits they had and the happiness of each new friend AA made on the way.

Dita said...

Love to see that you stopped along the way to see so many friends you've made during this journey. Imagine if the girls continue to stay in touch through the years thanks to all of you parents? What a wonderful network they will have for life of "sisters" and friends.

I sit patiently here waiting for the day the Morgans pass through the Garden State...our door is always open!