Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day - Continued

We have had the pleasure of being friends with Don & Be since our early blogging days in 2006, which is how we met...through our blogs, while completing the paper-chase.

They were featured in the Orlando Sentinel on Mother's Day. They gave them our name and Ford spoke to the reporter so he was quoted in this article. We are so blessed to have this family in our lives.

Here's a small section of the article:

Now, she's pure joy'

The new family took some time to adjust. Joanna Mei, surrounded by strangers, clung to Be — but was afraid of Don.

"There weren't many smiles in those first few days," Be said. "Now, she's pure joy."

It's hard to contain that kind of joy. Since they adopted Joanna Mei, they have a stream of volunteer baby sitters — friends from church and work. They've also inspired several friends to adopt, too.

Some couples, such as Ford and Alyson Morgan of Jacksonville, were thrilled to find another set of older parents. They quickly became adoption soul mates.

"I thought, 'Thank the Lord. There's somebody out there as old and crazy as us,' " said Ford Morgan, also 59. "Another older-than-dirt couple that has this dream to bring one of these little girls into their family."

Meanwhile, the outlook for Joanna Mei is, like her personality, sunny. Doctors at the Shriners Hospital in Tampa recently examined her fused fingers and have determined that they can successfully separate them. And though her fingers may always be short, Joanna Mei already has good dexterity — able to draw and type and handle pencils and crayons easily.

"I want her to grow up with no limits," said Be, who has enlisted a nurse with the same disorder as Joanna Mei's "cheerleader." "I want her to know that anything is possible."

Read the article and savor the joy of a family's love for their child. Happy Mother's Day!


Julie said...

Lovely story. Lovely family!

Don and Be said...

Thanks for being a part of the article. We are jazzed to have y'all in our lives.

Dita said...

This was such an incredible article.
The story of your friendship and your parallel lives with your daughters alwasy brings a smile to my face.