Friday, May 14, 2010

A Gift - For the Birds

Our recent visitor brought a gift for AA to enjoy.
A hummingbird feeder was such a great idea. AA and I frequently comment on listening to the birds, so now we hope to have some smaller ones visit us. We know they are around us, now they need to find the new "bird juice".

Hanging it up, all filled with "bird juice":

Showing how the birds will drink the "juice":

Now to take some pictures of the hummingbirds....


Pug Mama said...

sweet. We call our hummingbird feeder "bird juice" also

Cora said...

looks like fun, We love feeding the birds, too.

Kim said...

Love it..
Looks like AA loves it.. can't wait to see her face when the birds are eating ..
Happy Friday have a great weekend..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hummingbird feeders are the best! Filling up all of our feeders are a favorite father/ daughter activity around here.

Dita said...

Love this first shot of AA...she is changing before our eyes.

As always, I also love seeing her in your beautiful mother's arms as well.

Hope your hummingbirds are enjoying their special treat!