Monday, May 31, 2010

First Summer Swimming

We arrived home from our trip to Maine to very hot weather.... it is summertime in Florida (the hot, humid time!).

Nana has given AA several bathing suits in size 3T and 4's, so we try them on periodically for fit. Most are still too big as this cute pink one piece is; being a little too large, it sagged in the pool so will wait a few more months before trying again.

We went to the pool to check AA's floating skills from her ISR refresher.

She does well swimming under water, kicking her legs and using her arms. She really enjoys pool time!


Kim said...

YEA.. AA..
Looks like tons of fun..
Love the water..
Have a great week..

T n' W said...

I tried to hire a trainer last year and it didn't work out. Sophie does well with her arm rings, and under water, but I would love to teach her how to float like that. We keep the gate up even in the summer, but you never know when or where that might come in handy.

Catherine said...

Way to go AA! Adorable little hot pink suit too.

LedaP said...

She's super cute!

Dita said...

There's that gorgeous beauty in all her splendor! Pink is her color (look at that TAN she's sportin') but then so is orange, green, yellow, red, blue, white...shall I go on?