Monday, April 19, 2010

Time - Together, Just The Two Of Us...

We took advantage of Aunt Carolyn's offer to watch Alyzabeth so you and I could slip out for a little time together. Quiet time. Our time. Just the two of us enjoying brunch at the Club.
A Champagne Sunday made even more special with my getting to hold your hand.

We love our simple Club. It's not brand spanking new. The stucco and stones are not perfect. The sidewalks have cracks with the occasional brick missing. Brushing against vines and flowers as we make our way along narrow pathways. A place more at home in Europe than sunny, tourist driven Florida.
Yet, wearing its age spots gracefully.

Sitting by the window, we could see sailboats catching the wind on the St. Johns River, the tree Leaa and Jesse stood under exchanging their wedding vows.
The bright, mid-morning sunlight creating shadows.

A brunch of Asian Steak & Shrimp Salad for me.

Salmon with lump Crab in Red Pepper Sauce for you.

And all the while, your eyes were only on me.

I'm jealous of our time together. I love how you insist upon our having conversation when we dine. Expressing a myriad of things on your mind. Details of what's happening in each of our lives. Planning what we should do next.

Sharing dreams.
Sharing time. Just the two of us. Together...


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Debbie & Barry said...

Congratulations on making time for each other...Barry and I are having trouble doing that lately. Also, LOVE the family pics in jeans and white shirts - beautiful family!

Debz said...

What a nice post. So glad you got some time together. Now don't wait til Auntie Caroline comes back before you do it again!
ps. I love your hair. (insert jealously here)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

beautiful post fm!


Dita said...

Ford, you really know how to make a moment become etched in memory forever.

How I adore the way you love your beautiful wife...mother, friend, daughter, sister...LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your world and for reminding me that making time for one another and celebrating the joy of OUR love is the very key to the rest of our lives together.
What an incredible role model of love, kindness, respect and appreciation for one another you two are for your children...and all those who are lucky enough to know you (and LOVE you back!)

What a memorable day and your elegant hideaway...two lovers...hand in hand through life.