Monday, April 12, 2010

Park Review - Timuquana

We stopped at a very little park to give AA some activity while out running errands. Last spring we reviewed several parks to find one that we would love to go back to with AA over and over again.
The only good thing about the park was that it had a slide with three ways down. AA liked the different bumpy rides.
The park does not have restroom facilities but does have pavilion area, picnic tables and grills. Very small and at a very busy intersection near train tracks, which just happen to be very active while we were at the park.
We wouldn't stop again as the equipment is really too large for AA and there isn't enough to keep her busy for more than 15 minutes. Overall, we were glad we stopped, as it suited us that one time.

Hearing the train coming closer....


Vivian M said...

The train tracks that close to the playground sounds scary!
AA looks like she has grown a few inches. It is amazing how fast time flies when we are having fun!

JoAnn in NJ said...

My Kelsey wore that outfit today! Gotta love Target! Love all the new dresses!