Sunday, March 07, 2010

Playing Ball!

Many of you are posting about the beginning of Baseball...... our version is inside, more like basketball and sometimes golf (rolling the ball into the box). AA, with a box and ball, make for many fun ball games.

(if you were keenly observant, you may have noticed the box she was playing with, a very sturdy box that at one time held wine bottles. The South African wine brand name on the box is "GOATS do ROAM"; I always smile when I see it, with the play on words of the French "Cotes du Rhone" region! I thought it was funny!)


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I think AA and Sarah would get along very well!! That is her kind of ball playing:) In fact, we have the exact same is a good one for indoor use, nice and light and if it hits something, it won't break it!!

She is the cutest!! I love her happy can see it popping off the page:)

Enjoy your Sunday!


Vivian M said...

And here I was telling Kerri she could not play ball in the house and then she saw these pictures!

Dita said...

A Ball and a Box....its the simplest things that can bring so much joy...and the sounds of our children's laughter that feed our souls.

The Goats do Roam had me in stitches...what a GREAT name!