Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still Picking Oranges

Catching up on a few photos from this past week. DH took these after they picked some oranges. We really did not have a good citrus year. Our navels were very dry. The tangelos were the best but they have so many seeds. Maybe they will help us get over our colds. I am much better but DH finally caught it and AA's nose is running again. Overall, January and February are the coldest months here and this is the first time AA has been in her little pre-k school so maybe this is just us getting used to the new school germs. Either way, we have lots of vitamin C to drink!

Lots of orange sections and fresh squeezed juice!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I remember the year Nick started preschool/daycare... someone was always sick in the house!! Keep drinking/eating those should help to knock it out of you:)

She is TOO CUTE!!

Happy VDay and Happy CNY!

Dita said...

Yummy, I would love to have citrus trees in my yard for so many reasons.....not least of which it would mean I live in a nice warm climate.

Can AA possibly get any cuter on the cutometer? I can't believe she wears her sunglasses so well!

I adore that kid.......but I think I've told you that a time or a hundred..haven't I?!

China Dreams said...

Maybe it's the crazy weather you've been having? I'll bet you thought that FL was going to be warmer than ME, but this past week the temps have been almost identical during the day. Seems to have messed up the track today, too.

Must be nice to have your own fresh citrus right at hand, though.

Vivian M said...

How I miss Florida oranges now!