Friday, February 27, 2009

No Assistance Required :)

The video says it all... AA likes to carry her DVD player and plug it in herself.
No complaints coming from me :) You go girl!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Can I Say...The Girl Likes Her Hat

Alyzabeth An is always a trip but the mornings seem to bring out the most fun antics.

Just recently she "discovered" her hat. First thing, after throwing Elmo to me from her bed when waking up, she takes off looking for the hat. I can't help but crack up. She doesn't make a big deal out of it. She's just very matter of fact about the whole thing. Find the hat (from Catherine at Catherine's Chatter!!). Put it on and then make her two morning demands:

1. Elmo in the DVD player
2. Breakfast
:) peace

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanking Kim B. - Say it Forward!

Mom Blogs

I thought this would be a great way to thank some of our loyal commenter's and say "Thank you"!
I love this "blog" called "5 Minutes For Mom"; I have posted before about all the wonderful news, products, contests and great support of Mommy businesses.

I have chosen my best commenter in Kim B. She is a friendly face most every day and loves children. She's very busy but seems to have time to let us know about the fun her family has too. Her LID date is April 2007, they have been waiting almost 2 years!
She signs all her comments as "Isabella's Mommy and Daddy" as they are adopting Isabella.
Here's one of her letters to her future daughter:
We have been logged into China for 21 months...
We are waiting patiently and hoping that this year will bring you into our arms..
We know you will be here one day just not sure when that day will be..
But when it happens it will be THE BEST DAY of our families lives...
You brothers and sister talk about you all the time..
Daddy even has started talking more of you..
It is hard on this long wait.. but we stay positive knowing that you are out there just waiting on your Forever Family..
HUGS to you ..
Daddy,Mommy,Nick,Colton,KyLee and your fur-babies...

Her comments on our blog were always very positive:
She ... Loved what we were doing;
She.... Complimented us as relating to our post.... like "You are both sooo creative..";
She participated in many of the fun bloggy "I need to do mine.. I was also tagged on this..I will let you know.."
She always left us "HUGS..";
Another encouraging word "Have a Great Day...";
And then always was cheerful about pending referrals... like "Looks like we might see referrals next week.. Let's hope we see Alyzabeth An.....I am sooo excited.."!!

She was also my Secret Buddy who was generous and so sweet with many personalized gifts. She never forgot that it was all about seeing AA someday.
From what I can count she left over 240 comments on our blog in just 2008!! WOW!
We wish her so much love and happiness with her new daughter.... hopefully we will see her by 2010!
Thank you, Kim, for all you love and support!

Here's a section from the Loyal Commenter's rules page:

Blog visiting and commenting are how I have made my best friends online.

Leaving a comment is like walking up to a new friend in the playground and introducing yourself. It is how we make friends in the blogosphere.

What if we want to do EVEN MORE??? Because we want to do even more to recognize and thank our commenter's, we have created a new weekly carnival… Say it Forward - Carnival of Loyal Commenters.

Maybe you can thank one of your commenter's today?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Dress And More Bows

We received these bows from the Bow Swap I participated in last month. They are from Christy S. of Kentucky (please stop by Christy and leave a comment or email me your blog, I am lost finding it...).
Thank you, they are all beautiful!

These three were bought from LiLiBug...... I love them!

The three from LiLiBug: sparkly heart clips and the pink polka dot flower clip are all so cute. Christy also made three of these herself! They are just as adorable. I would give anything to be more crafty. We have been wearing our new bows all day!

I also bought a new dress for AA from Target.
What do you think of this dress for Easter or Christening (she will be baptized this spring)?
I would start a poll but don't know how :) Just let me know if you think it is too boofy or old fashioned? I liked it for the embroidery flowers, ivory color and nice details (pink bow, under skirt, buttons down back not just at neck line, etc). If you think I should get something a little more contemporary, please speak up! There are lots more dresses to buy!

She would not let go of the dress price tag as she knows I usually cut them off before she wears her new clothes. She is VERY particular when she know things are not done "right"!!

She almost was knocked over by Salty Dog, as he is always hovering in the background; she took a few steps back to give him more room!

Back of the dress:

I won't even mention the chubby cheeks and arms. We let her eat all she wants (very few sweets, all "good" foods). Her face has filled out, I think it is time to limit what we put on her plate!!
Remember - Let me know about the dress!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Day Back in Sunny Florida!

The weather was beautiful today! AA and I took advantage of the sunny afternoon and strolled throughout the neighborhood. Wind in our hair, fresh air and exercise! Flip flops are back (on Mommy)!
It was beautiful in Maine but would need a few more days there to get "acclimated" to the cold and being outside! So we are enjoying our balmy weather again! (more pictures of the snowy beauty soon to show up on this blog).

White Polar Bear (from Auntie-M) went along for the ride tamely; everyone enjoying the stroller (gift from sister Leaa).

All sorts of looks and faces while walking.... Checking out the homes.....

Watching for traffic (no sidewalks in our neighborhood) or calling for Salty Dog.....
Sun is getting low in the sky, long shadows as we walk back down our driveway:

Nearing our front door.
Look at the very sad looking ponderosa lemon tree; has had a bit of winter weather. Anyone want a lemon?
Off to the playground to catch up on our sliding!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Livi Girl - Poppy Loves The Stockings

Caught up with the younger set of the family this week in St. Augustine. We hit the beach (the video) and then had lunch together at Cafe Eleven.
And that meant I had an opportunity to be with the Livi girl! Check out the stockings :)
Too cool.

Monday, February 16, 2009

So Much For Watching The Race

Church, family and playing peek-a-boo! Who had time to watch the Daytona 500 with this much fun?

More Pics From Maine

Playing with a bucket of snow in Nana's sink.

Dinner at Cole's Farm with Nana and Uncle George looking on.

Auntie Jean keeping an eye on our girl!

Elmo is AA's constant companion.

I love her smile(s).

Enjoying our visiting.... just a few more days and we will head home to Daddy and Salty Dog!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maine Photos - First Day

Our first day was wonderful even with our very early morning start. Maine weather is great for travelers with warmer temperatures. Here's a few quick snapshots of our first encounters with family and Alyzabeth's with "SNOW"!!

Arriving at the Portland airport! I'm home!

My mom (Nana Ann) picked us up and then it was a quick stop to see Alyzabeth's Auntie M at work.

It's called snow Alyzabeth :)

And after changing into something just a tad bit warmer - AA was ready to explore.

Gloves, boots, hat and coat. I don't think we're in Florida Alyzabeth :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Friends Love Award!

We have two super friends who were kind and gave us the Friends Love Award!

We are excited - what a "lovely" Award! What a surprise to be though of so fondly by Seventh Diamond and by Hugs Debz at Sugar and Spice and a Little Rice!!
Please visit their posts as they both selected some of the same blogs we would have.

There are so many who are out in the world doing so much "good". From feeding and sponsoring orphaned children, supporting adoption efforts, raising funds for children's causes like surgeries and adoption fees, to baby showers for new Mom's..... a wonderful community full of people who love others, unselfishly and willingly.
Kim at Seventh Diamond received the award from Jody's Cottage (another Mom in waiting for China baby) who received it from All Things Southern and Preppy (preppy 101) who received it from Lou Lou in Lilly! ....
Debz received her award from our favorite Secret Buddy, Kim B. at Journey to Isabella who received it from The Crazy Eight also known as The Nuthouse, who received it from Jody's Cottage. I love tracing back through all the great blogs!

Give REALLY BIG hugs to Kim B. who has learned that LID's April 2007 are in the REVIEW ROOM!! Yeah!

Getting this award means the following:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends.
They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.
Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly- written text into the body of their award."

My Eight Blogs that we visit often as they are very CHARMING and aim to be FRIENDS:

1. We have always been amazed, grateful and inspired by Johnny at So, it's come down to this. He's been around the blog world and is the friendliest blogger we know. I don't think we thank him enough and appreciate what he has done over the years.
2. Another lovely family and generous heart for children (check out Jailynn's Prayer) and Elmo lover over at Hunan Spice.
3. The Piper Family with Allison and Kelly; love their conversations and that they live in my favorite State half the year.
4. Love Fin over at Shark Bait. Our NASCAR buddies! Rev your engines; race season has begun!
5. Inspirational, fun and .... over at Adoption and Fire.
6. My place of solace and lots of friends at Stirrup Queens.
7. We will select a local blogger this time by Donna and Randy at Handsful.
8. And this blogger has every award so far so add this one too over at Ni Hao Y'all.

And I always like to add more so here's a new blog with a new daughter! Say Congratulations and share some love with Kristine and Shawn at Butterfly Kisses and 100 Wishes!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Photos - Weekend Fun!

It would be hard to top the Chinese New Year Celebration family photos from this past Saturday night but I did take some other photos of AA on Saturday and Monday. While I had Monday off from work AND it reached 73 degrees here (yahoo!!) we went driving about and ended up on the beach at St. Augustine. Such a beautiful day! Windows down while driving!

Pictures from Saturday - she still loves to pose!

I asked her to stand on the dining room chair and she did, then proceeded to sit on the table for more posing.... she's getting to be a real ham!

She melts our hearts!!

From Monday's Travels: We stopped at the Merry-go-round and AA looked skeptical! She would not sit on the horse during the ride so I got to hang onto her and the horse! After playing at the playground for a while (lots of sliding!) she wanted to ride on the horse a second time. We selected a smaller one that still went up and down and she seemed to enjoy it but hung on tight!

Two different slides: a tunnel and a roller slide (like the type of rollers used to move packages on a conveyor or the output side of the carry on luggage scanner at airports!). It made for a bumpy and slippery slide!
We had a great conversation with two families visiting from Gainesville celebrating a birthday. They were very nice, inquired with many thoughtful questions about adoptions. Who knows, maybe they have more children in their future.

A short walk on the beach; it was a little cool with the ocean breeze. There were many people sunbathing! (must be from Michigan, Maine or Canada!!)
AA has on her Patriots Football jersey given by her Auntie-M!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chinese New Year - FCC Celebration

Saturday night was our local FCC Chinese New Year Celebrations. So much fun! The FCC Board always organizes a wonderful, family friendly celebration. We had a great time!!
There was nine in our party including the three of us, the two oldest "kids" (DD LMC and DS JKM) plus DD's hubby Jesse and their daughter Livi along with our oldest granddaughter, Kilee plus cousin Carolyn.

Older brother JK, holding little sister, AA:
Met up with some bloggy friends, the Rizzo's at Sunflowers and Ladybugs.
Met some new friends from our local area:
DH with daughter on left and son on his right:
I have been corrected; it was the Lion Dance not a "Dragon":

Cousin Carolyn keeping watch over AA:
AA ready to head for home!