Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recapping Christmas #4 Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was fun even though AA really doesn't understand what to do. She doesn't understand the concept of Santa but does know he brings presents and we open them. We tell her we give gifts because it is Jesus' birth. She goes along with what we tell her, but you can tell her little brain doesn't compute! Maybe next year she will anticipate this wonderful holiday.

Santa brought an art easel:


The doll cradle is from Auntie-M! AA loves it!!


OziMum said...

What a bad bad blogga I am!!!! Its been ages since I've called in - SORRY!!!

AA is as beeeeautiful as ever! And she can be reassured, she's not the only one, that doesn't really "get" Christmas!!! Tari thought the paper was pretty good... other than that - she wasn't really interested!!!

Dita said...

Gorgeous cradle...gorgeous GIRL!
Lovin' those jammies!