Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Want To Remember:

How you can't touch the floor when sitting at your picnic table from Nana Ann.
How you put a th sound on the end of each Yes.
How you snuggle with me each morning, sipping your chocolate milk as we watch Mr. Moon go to bed and Mr. Sun wake up.
How you ask where Mr. Moon went.
How you cross your arms and exclaim "Done" after going potty.
How you ask Mommy to sing Rock-A-Bye Baby when putting you to bed at night.
How you turn on your CD player with the Bach disc each night at bedtime.
How you make funny noises with me when brushing your teeth.
How you pull Worm's tail to hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when Daddy puts you to bed.
How you hug our legs and say "I love you" after going potty.
How you half hop half skip when running.
How we play Where's Mommy on her work days.
How you greet me with Good Morning when I open your bedroom door.
How you stop to read the numbers and letters from each mailbox on our bike rides.
How you enjoy dropping letters in the mailbox on our trips to the post office.
How you leave the most delicate footprints in the beach sand.

I want to remember. These things and more.. So much more...


Melissa said...

Oh my my Ford!! Amazing words! You should be a writer!
All my Maine Love!

Julie said...

That is too sweet. What a wonderful family you have!

Inga said...

I read your post everyday and not comment, but wanted too today. You have a blessed family. AA is growing into a beautiful young lady :).


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a sweet sweet post!!

Hope y'all have a Merry Chrismtas and a Happy and a Healthy New Year!



Gail said...

Absolutely beautiful...

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Love you all!

Dita said...

You have such a way with words, Ford. I can see every line in my mind and feel the joy it brings in my heart.

AA is such a precious gift to you and Aly....I have a feeling you will remember these days forever.

Love the photo you chose for this post too!

TGR101 said...

I hadn't stopped by your blog for awhile, but what a gift to land here and read these wonderfully sweet words. What a gift to AA, too!
Tracy R

Vivian M said...

Aw this post made me cry! I hope you print it out and give it to AA when she is old enough to read and understand it.