Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Frugal Date Nights

Back in September, we posted about going out for two date nights while my Mom was visiting, we need to find things to do at home as we do not have a local babysitter yet.
This may sound crazy but I am looking for date night ideas that keep us at home. With the little one in the house, we do miss our impromptu outings of the past so need things to do "after 8:00 p.m."!
I found this post at The Mother Load. These are very unique, different than I had read on others lists of ideas. We have had five evenings out in the past eleven months so we need some fun stay at home ideas!

So join us by picking up a favorite book or make a romantic fire pit and enjoy each others company!
Little or no money and no babysitter! Just put the kids to bed!
Book Club Night,
Late Dinner "In",
Game Night,
Dollar Store Gift Night,
Plan an itinerary for an Anniversary Trip (whether you can go on it or not)

You get the idea... read all about them at this blog.
Please leave comments on your suggestions