Friday, December 18, 2009

Defining Adoption

We talk to AA about where we are all from.... she knows Mommy is from Maine, Daddy is from Missouri and AA is from China and we all live in Florida.
Michelle at our Yahoo/CCAI group stated: We are all from someplace different and that is how we made our family.

Another article worth reading (Brain, Child) is all about adoption and how far to go with their heritage.

I found the article through the Yahoo group for CCAI families thanks to Michelle; it is from an adult Taiwan adoptee. She ends the article with, "Our blended family backgrounds, beliefs, and practices - as diverse, complicated, and dissonant as they might seem - are as authentic as any."

What a great statement about blended families. We have always loved our "extended" family and now I can use this information to help discuss our adoption as a part of "family".

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Dita said...

Such a perfect statement...I too will use this to help explain our blended family to our children.

Always something special when I come over here to Imagine...

Wishing you and your beautiful family a VERY Merry Christmas!