Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beach Fun (with a stick)

Find a stick on the beach and it becomes the toy of choice.
We took a quick detour while in St. Augustine recently and had a romp on the beach. Wide open spaces, lots of places to write our letters in the sand!

Yes, we had coats on as we all still are recovering from colds, and yes, it was 63 degrees if you must know and yes, we were cold!!

Leaving the beach with my little shadow!


Suzie said...

I love that those of us that live in FL think 63 is cold!!! It's cold enough to wear a jacket but still wear sandals or flip flops :o)

Great pictures!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

love the ocean and love the beach..
have a great weekend...

Dita said...

LOVE these pictures of you gorgeous girls frolicking in the sand with your jackets on!

What a lovely day!

Don and Be said...

Fooled me - thought that was snow in the first pic.

Kelly And Allison said...

Great pics. Three is nothing better than a walk at the beach on a December day..!!