Thursday, November 05, 2009

Because...We Love Them

I'm tired.
Let them see you smile. Especially when you're tired. Look into that little face, kiss that perfectly shaped forehead and whisper I love you. Because you do.

We don't have time.
Let her do it. At the least, let them try. Time is always stealing moments you both can share. Time you can use to "show", time she will have to "learn."

It's easier if I just do it.
While it is easier for us to just do it, what's lost are moments of success! Triumphs expressed in clapping hands and ear to ear smiles! From the both of you.

She'll just make a mess.
Or we can keep the spotless home that keeps us happy. A child's mess is the outward show of exploration, discovery and a parents loving show of nurturing.

She'll drop it.
Only to pick it up and try again. They so much want to be like you. To copy what we do. Let them copy a glowing spirit and patience when one is weak and the other thin.

I just washed that shirt!
Lunch stains, playground dirt, dribbles from the sippy cup. Each removed by the washing machine while memories of little shirts once worn last forever.


Anonymous said...


3D said...

I love this! I am printing it up to keep as a reminder.

Keep smilin!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I needed this reminder today. Thank you, Ford.

Wanda said...

Thank you. Your timing is perfect!!

I'm printing this and sticking it on my fridge (or forehead).

Wanda (At Last...)

Brian and Melinda said...

Great reminder. I think everyone needed this.

redmaryjanes said...

You are wonderful Ford!

Kris said...

yes yes YES!

Ty's Parents said...

Perfect! I am going to share this with Troy. He means well, but the poor guy is such a perfectionist and neat freak. The words come better out of somebody elses mouth (or writing).

Dita said...

It is easy to forget these gems in the busy lives we have created for ourselves each day.

These are, however, the things life is really made of. These are the moments when our children learn to be independent and loved and we, in turn, learn that there is nothing more important in the world than our children.