Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Watching my All Time Favorite.....

My favorite NASCAR driver "was" Ricky Craven. Since he isn't racing, we selected some drivers from Missouri to follow (McMurray and Edwards). Ricky has been writing as a Sports columnist on Yahoo for a couple of years now but I had really fallen off even looking for him in the NASCAR news for well over a year.
NASCAR Now was on our ESPN2 channel and all of a sudden, DH is yelling at me (I was playing with AA) that Ricky is on TV. There he was, one of the sports analysts. Yep, he's been there quite awhile. How did I miss that? Ricky's Home is on ESPN2!
And here is just two of many comments that really support and flatter the team with Ricky:

Ricky Craven, Ray Evernham and Randy LaJoie will be making conversation and talking NASCAR. These three are absolutely the best combination on this Monday hour. Chemistry is tough to find on a three man TV panel, but this group is just great to watch.
Evernham is especially powerful on this show, offering a crew chief point of view that fits quite well with Craven's sophisticated perspective as a former driver.

Here's Ricky's first big wreck.... in the #41 (yes, flying through the air); funny, later he drove the Tide car (#32) to two Winston/Sprint Cup race wins....

Well, now that I know, you know where I will be whenever NASCAR Now is on TV!


T n' W said...

Girl.....you got it bad!:)

Anonymous said...

My son (almost 5) loves Nascar! I'm still undecided about if I love it or not. ;-)

Alyson & Ford said...

T - thanks for pointing the finger at the proper person behind this post! :)